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Need to knows



Reservations are recommended. Walk-ins welcome on a first come first serve basis. Tables are for full-service dining only.

All parties must be present in order to be seated. Reservations are held for 15 minutes, after that the table will be forfeited to the waiting list or next reservation.

All reservations have a 2-hour limit that begins to run at the reservation time. We allow a 15-minute grace period for late arrivals that begins to run at the reservation time. Separate reservations will be treated separately. If you would like your group to be seated together, please make sure you book everyone under one reservation and not across multiple reservations. Please note that Sales Tax (6.75%) and Gratuity (15%) are added to every bill.

These charges are additional and not included in any of the prices or minimums. We do not allow groups to split checks more than 6 ways or across more than 4 Credit Cards.

Dress Code


Trust is a vibe, your outfit should be too.
We consider overly casual attire, casual hats, sweat suits, slides, jerseys, sagging pants, and excessively revealing clothing not appropriate for dining in our restaurant.

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